Thunder Hunter is here!

December 28, 2016

I can't believe that book one in my new series is here already. From the idea to conception has been merely a matter of months. I cannot get my head around how easily everything flows when something is meant to happen. Thunder Hunter is different from my current books in that it's more adult orientated. There is mature content, which you won't see in Avoidables and Zodiac, although they're not completely squeaky clean books. I wanted to try something new and different. I've loved mythology my whole life and this is how my own imagination told the story of Norse and Viking myth. 


So, it's out today!! Thunder Hunter is a Viking who's been alive for a thousand years with Thor's thunder in his chest. Let's hope he can find his way to death so he can save Thor and live with the gods. 





Thunder Hunter Teaser


  “Happy now you have your clothes? And, your dog?”

  My sarcastic tone went completely ignored as the woman in front of me bent over to make a fuss of the German Shepard. It hadn’t taken long to get back to my apartment, but I had a lot of questions swirling in my head.

  “Rusty is so grateful to you for letting him stay here.”

  I stopped pacing, facing the woman who was now on the floor, rubbing the dog’s stomach where he had rolled over. Seriously?

  “It’s not like I had a choice, is it?” The snappy response was met with a frown. “Forget him for a minute. Why didn’t you bloody well tell me you had magic?”

  Her shrug was just as dismissive as my attitude towards the dog. The woman was infuriating. Freya hadn’t even mentioned that Chloe could do damage with her magical weapon.

  “Freya!” I barked, startling her. “She gave you the power, didn’t she?”

  Chloe huffed out her breath as she got to her feet and faced me. “Yes, she did…but…”

  Her hesitation made my back straighten. Was there a condition to her power like there was to mine?

  “But, what?”

  “I struggle to control it. You saw how knocked out I was after I…hurt that man. I shouldn’t be like that!” It was her turn to pace the rug between the sofa and chairs. Her small lips screwed together as she absently patted Rusty’s head when she passed him.

  “Another reason Freya sent you to me. I had to learn to use Thor’s magic, not that I do very often. My sword…” Did I want to tell her everything? Not really. I still didn’t trust her.

  “What about your sword?”

  Shaking my head, I wandered towards the stairs, gesturing for her to follow. “Nothing. Get changed into something comfortable. It’s time for your first lesson.”



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