Top Ten...Fictional Characters

February 22, 2016

Me doing Archery where they filmed Game of Thrones in Ireland!


This is a difficult but fun topic to talk about. If you've not read the books I've read, then it won't make sense, but it's fun all the same. Make sure to add your all time favourite characters as a comment so we can compare!


1. Jamie Fraiser - From Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Jamie is a true Scottish gentleman and a hot one at that! I fell in love with this series in my early twenties.


2. Ash from Night World - The Night World books by L.J Smith were my favourite as a teen. Great YA fiction that could easily be released today. Vampires, weres and witches...they never go out of fashion. Ash was a vampire that stole my heart!


3. Kisten from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison - This vampire was sexy as but I must admit...I ugly cried over him.


4. Maddox from Lords of the Underworld - A protective man that's still able to love, even with a demon inside him! All the Lords are pretty amazing but there's just something about him.


5. Four from Divergent - He's smart but can kick arse too. I love that he has a past, like most of us. He's wonderful and my most recent book boyfriend.


6. Katniss Everdean from Hunger Games - Who doesn't want to shoot an arrow like Katniss does? I love archery, even though I've only done it once, but I want her talent. She knows what's right and won't let anyone convince her otherwise.


7. Bella Swan from Twilight - Please don't get this confused with Kristen Stewart's portrayal. I'm talking about the Bella that we all read before we saw the film. The normal girl who is vulnerable and falls in love easily like we all once did. That Bella is the one I relate to.


8. Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice - I love the fact that Elizabeth did not fall at the feet of the rich Mr Darcy. She stuck up for herself and didn't give in to him until she knew that he really did love her. Old fashioned empowered woman!


9. Beth from Black Dagger Brotherhood - Her sweet ways manage to captivate Wrath, one of the most powerful vampires there is! Staying true to who you are, no matter who that is, will be the only way to find the right man for you. That's what she taught me anyway.


10. Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter - Sometimes people tell us we can't do something because of where we come from. Hermoine was often taunted about being a muggle but she didn't care. She was passionate about magic and proved that no matter where you come from, you can achieve what you want in life. My type of girl!

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