Thunder Hunter Excerpt

January 25, 2017

A statement needed to be made to the evil spirits I hunted. I was coming for them. The only way they tended to come out was when something interested them. They were as bored of life as I was, yet, they couldn’t give it up. No, that would be hell to them.

They preferred skipping between bodies in order to stay alive compared to seeing Freya again. I didn’t blame them. Freya was a massive bitch when she had been crossed. It was another one of the reasons I kept doing what I did. If I upset the goddess, she would find a way to take her revenge. Most likely by letting Loki out of Fólkvangr. And, that would mean the end of the human world as we knew it.

“Nice to meet you at last. I may have heard a few things about the legend of you.”

Shrugging, I smiled gently. “Ah, all lies, I’m sure.”

Being polite, but cold, was the order of the night with Dan it seemed. He turned to Chloe, extending his hand. When she took it, he leant down and kissed her knuckle, lingering as he sniffed her.

Jack stepped forward, almost knocking Dan over as he threw his arms around his friend and slapped his back. “God, you’re a tall bastard.”

“Pleased to meet you, Chloe,” Dan said, shoving Jack off him.

Taking Chloe’s arm, I guided her past both men as Jack tried to engage Dan in conversation. The intense stare that followed my apprentice made me feel sorry for her. All the men would be the same. They could smell innocence a mile away.

My chest was still hot, Thor’s thunder let off a low vibrational rumble. I had to ignore it as we came up to the door of a barn out the back of the property. I had never expected a Fallen One to show up at a Dark Crawler’s party. Certainly not one that was attended by Jack of all people.

“That man was little creepy,” Chloe said, smiling at a bouncer as he opened the door for us.

Stepping through the dark curtain that covered the inside of the door, we both paused to look around. The barn was converted into a large area. It was a private club. Sofas were set out, creating seating sections dotted across the whole floor. A bar lined the back wall, all the way down. Different types of tables and chairs were in the middle of each seating section. A sex swing or two were attached to the ceiling.

“Is this a sex club?” Chloe asked, gripping the flesh on my forearm.

A chuckle left my lips before I could stop it. Her gaze flitted over the various components of the room. It was dim with fairy lights hung all over the place. People in all stages of undress lounged over the seats, or the tables, their laughter echoing around the room.

“Not predominantly, although, plenty of that does happen.”

Chloe let go of me, straightened her spine and cleared the rabbit in headlight look on her face. Glancing up at me, she smiled coyly, getting into her role.

“Better,” I said, moving towards the bar.




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