How my family survives my writing

January 30, 2017

Living alone, this subject is a funny one. But, lets talk about how my family survives my writing. In my family, my mother is the creative one. She loves to write, paint and do arts and crafts. Yet, she's never taken it anywhere, it's a hobby. So, imagine the shock of the rest of my family when I told them that I was going to publish my own book. Some were supportive without even a blink. Others asked questions about whether it was viable. They had no idea I had even written a book, let alone published one.


It's amazing now I look back, because I am the only creative/starving artist in our family. And, it's been a challenge as well as a blessing. Since believing in myself and proving to them that I can work for myself writing, they have thrown their support behind me.


Do they read my work? No. And, that's not a bad thing. Taste is so very personal. I understand the fear they have at not liking my work, which would mean they might have to tell me.


Do they know how any of it works? No. And neither do they have to, because it's my career, my life. And, they support that without knowing what I really do. Isn't that the way it should be? For others to support you in whatever dream you have, even if they don't understand?


So, yeah, it's a lonely journey, being a writer. Yet, how else would we do what we do? Having others input would dampen our own creativity. Support from families is the only thing we need when it comes to living our writing dreams.

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