Meet Trygger...

February 3, 2017

Name: Trygger Odinson

Occupation/Mission: To kill all two hundred Fallen Ones

Notable Family: Grandsire: Thor, Great Grandsire: Odin

Boss: The goddess Freya

Significant other: No one

Closest Friend: Jack

Pets: A German Shepard

Employees: Chloe, descendant of Freya

Preferred Weapon: Sword, Thor's power


Question 1: Who are you?


Answer 1: I'm Trygger, grandson of Thor. Thor mated with a human, resulting in my father. My father and mother were both human, which means I am mostly human.


Question 2: Does that mean you have no god power?


Answer 2: Technically, I don't know how much I have of my own, but since Freya put Thor's power in me, I'm full of the bloody stuff.


Question 3: How did that happen?


Answer 3: On the battlefield outside Valhalla, one thousand years ago. I was there to defend my grandfather. Loki had killed my father a year before. The man attacked Thor, able to disable him long enough to rip his power from him. Freya intervened, taking the thunder from Loki and plunging it into me. She gave me a mission. To hunt earth for the Fallen Ones, evil spirits who had escaped her field. Once I had found, and killed, them all, returning their souls back to Freya, she would return the powers to Thor, allowing him to live again. And, I would die and live with the gods.


Question 4: You say it's been a thousand years, how many Fallen Ones have you managed to find?


Answer 4: One hundred and ninety five. Only five to go, but I'm onto one in London.


Question 5: Is there a special way to kill them?


Answer 5: I can only send the spirit of a Fallen One back to Freya using my sword. It's infused with Thor's power and is the only thing strong enough to hold the spirit while my Valkyrie comes to collect it.


Question 6: And, who is your closest friend?


Answer 6: I don't allow myself to get close to people. Jack is my informant, the only person I would bother to defend if needed. He's a pain in the arse, though.


Question 7: And, the dog? 


Answer 7: I somehow inherited the dog through Chloe, Freya's descendant and my trainee. Freya turned up one evening, lumbering me with the useless female and her pet dog companion. One thing I do know for certain, if Chloe doesn't toughen up, the dog won't protect her from what we have to face. Even if he does have magic powers himself.


Question 8: Does Chloe have magic?


Answer 8: Why are we talking about her? This is my interview. Yes, she has magic. Not that she really knows how to use it. I don't know how Loki's family got away with not training her when she pretended to be one of them. Now it's my turn, I'll make sure she knows how to wield her magic.


Question 9: Over a thousand years, you must have seen some amazing things. What would you say shocked you the most?


Answer 9: The fact that humans are still as useless as they were back then. In fact, they're more useless now. They've forgotten how to fight, how to survive. Heads always stuck in their phones, never bothering to communicate. Not that I want them to communicate with me, but still, they need to open their eyes to the world.


Question 10: Jack's pet name for you is grandad. Do you think it's appropriate?


Answer 10: Fuck off. 


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