Biggest pet peeve in a book

June 19, 2017



That is my biggest pet peeve in a book. I was reading a book recently that used the word 'and' so many times, I gave up. A sentence can be long, it can be short, but I struggle to read a book that has two long sentences joined by an 'and'. Especially when there's no need.


I must admit, since publishing myself, I've become a little more critical of books than I used to be. There isn't much that puts me off. I love getting lost in a story, so grammar etc rarely bothers me. But, something about those 'ands' that could be replaced with a full spot, really gets to me. 


I think it's interesting to know what catches people's eyes, or distracts from the story. I wonder if the way our brains are wired are what ultimately makes us pick up on some things that others wouldn't. 


What's your pet peeve when trying to read?


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