Interview with Devon Jinx

November 14, 2017


Let me introduce you to the main character in Magically Bound. Devon Jinx is half warlock, half witch. She's just joined the Hunted Witch Agency, and hopes to catch the bad guys. Even though she's...


Devon: Amazing.


Me: Amazing? Really?


Devon: Of course. The interview has to get off to an interesting start. Why are writer's boring?


Me: Boring? Well, I'll have you know that I do kickass things...


Devon: Like?


Me: *Blank Face*


Devon: Shall we get on with it?


Me: Okay. Devon Jinx, how does it feel to be half-warlock, half-witch?


Devon: We have to start with that? Okay. Well, I didn't know I was both until my parents... died. I'd always believed I was a witch. However, a very kind man told me the truth, helping me to harness my warlock power when I was ten years old. My witch magic was already well and truly honed by then.


Me: And... where is that kind man now?


Devon: Are you trying to make me look bad? Don't shake your head, you're not being very nice.


Me: I think the readers will be interested in knowing your story.


Devon: Ugh. I killed him, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear Miss Mac-self-righteous? Even though I was possessed by a Dark Crawler who made me kill him?


Me: Why do you use nicknames for your agency partner, Gerard?


Devon: Didn't take you long to bring the conversation on to him. I'm not surprised, Handsome Mac-lovely does have a lot of talking points. Although, he's also completely broody, so maybe we should get back to my interview.


Me: Are you in love with him?


Devon: *Mouth opens. No words come out.*


Me: Okay, moving along. How have you coped since being at the agency?


Devon: Fine. Justina and Kurt have quickly become friends as well as my employers. They're so open about me and my funny mix of magic.


Me: Explain your magic.


Devon: No.


Me: Stares at Devon.


Devon: I can use both pure witch magic, and not so pure, warlock magic. And... I'm the first half-bred to exist. Warlocks are usually male, so you can imagine how pis-


Me: Yes, I'm sure they're annoyed. Does that mean you're going to become leader of the warlock coven?


Devon: I don't think so. I'm finding it hard to work out what to do. It's really hard figuring out who's kidnapping all the witches, let alone working out what I'm going to do with my life. It's a mid-twenties crisis, I tell you.


Me: Any words of wisdom to those wanting to know your story?


Devon: Yeah, don't bother. I'm screwed up. I mean, yeah, my magic is pretty off the scale good. I can throw streams of colours magic, I can whisper an invisibility spell, but...


Me: But, nothing, stop putting yourself down. Your story is exciting. It's a race against time to not only save the witches, but to save your life too.


Devon: You call that putting myself down? You have no...


*Both Devon and Rachel mutter to themselves, informally ending the interview.


Magically Bound will be out on the 28th November

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