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Meet The Narrators

Ian Barker


Ian Barker is a professional narrator and voice actor and, by definition, gets paid to sit alone in a small room and talk out loud to himself.  Ian can be heard bringing many books to life on Amazon, Audible and iTunes with subjects varying from children's books and story collections, college reference books, the best selling "Who Likes Short Shorts" and The Chelsea FC quiz book as well as Rachel Medhurst's superb "Avoidables" series.  Ian came to narration after having been part of pro performance spoken word and poetry group "Bardcore" having previously honed his vocal skills with stints in radio and as a successful DJ where he played gigs in such wonderfully exotic places as London's Cafe Royal.  Ian was born in London, England but now lives in Dallas, Texas in the USA with his American wife and daughter and two slightly bonkers dogs who lay quietly and patiently on the studio floor while 'daddy' pretends to be a half-human half dragon or shouts "you will be slimed" in a faux Dickensian cockney accent.

Website: Ian Barker

Ian's dialogue process.

Anna Ferguson


Leeds born Anna is a 39 year old fitness & nutrition expert, who coming from an Irish Family, knows how to talk! Anna who began a career in performing arts as an actress, singer and dancer in the UK and in Europe, has a real flair when talking and performing for an audience. Full of energy, her real voice has a hint of an Irish twang in her Yorkshire accent, but Anna's RP voice will hold your attention and have you gripped from the start!


 Anna soon carved out a successful career in fitness, nutrition and public speaking working with many celebrities and famous sports people, but often returns to her performing arts roots time and time again. Her latest being the audio narration for the talented writer Rachel Medhurst.

Anna continues to appear on TV, Radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. She hopes that people enjoy listening and watching her work as much as she likes delivering it.


Websites: Public Speaking 

                Fitness Fusion

                ACX Narrator Page

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