Undercover Witch Academy
Alishia Jones is an ilusionist witch with a secret that most witches will kill for.. she better watch her back at the Undercover Witch Academy.
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Hunted Witch Agency
Devon Jinx is a half witch, half warlock, agent in training. Join her as she tries to find the person responsible for training witches of their magic...
Paranormal MI5
Gemma is a ley line witch with a secret. Her job at the Paranormal MI5 is at risk if anyone finds out what happened to her. Can she save herself before she is revealed?
Viking Soul
Trygger Odinson is a hero with a villain's attitude. With only three evil demon left to send back to hell, he won't quit until he rests with the wicked.
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The Lost Queen of Althea
Layanna was once a human, but a surprise visit from three mysterious strangers changes her life for good. Can she accept her true destiny?
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The Last Witch Coven
Eight witches fight against time to find their true love. If they don't unite with their soulmate, the evil of the world will make sure that magic dies forever...
NB: This series used to be called Zodiac Twin Flame and has been reworked.
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Avoidables are rejects, sent to live in squalor when they don't live up to the Perfects expectations of beauty. They've had enough of being judged so harshly, they're determined to change the world... with the help of the angels.
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The Deadliners
The Deadliners are spirits who play fate with human lives, not realising that their own fate is being played out right under their noses.
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