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Character Bio




I couldn't quite get my head around what had happened. One minute I was enjoying my life, the next I was standing in front of a ghost. Well, he looked like a ghost anyway. The Elder told me that I was now a spirit and would be the leader of a group of deadliners. I'd been a businessman when I was alive, so I knew I could manage some spirits. I suddenly remembered that I'd left my wife behind. That was a hard blow. They told me that although I felt different from when I was alive, I'd still feel human emotions. I needed to get my head straight so I could bury myself in my work and wait for my wife to pass over. That way I could retire and join her on the other side.

When the motorbike skidded out from under me, I had a knowing that this was it. I didn't feel worried though. I felt as if I already knew that this was my time and now I would be doing something new. When Danny greeted me, I felt a heavy sadness that my mum was left behind. Then a new feeling enveloped me. It was like I was in love with everything. As I learnt what being a deadliner entailed, I felt afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle watching people die. But seeing their faces just before they walked through the wall of light, I knew that they had finally found home.


The thought of my little girl was the first thing that came to mind when I realised that I'd left my body. I wanted to go back and see her, but they told me that it was against the rules. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. I enjoy being a deadliner though. It's nice to give people the opportunity that I didn't get.


What the hell was all this about? I hate the fact that I died so young. I didn't have a chance to experience much life. Okay, I hadn't been the most popular teenager, but still, I would've liked to have lived a bit longer. It doesn't matter now. It's just that I'm still in training and seeing people die, well, its not something I like to do.

Who'd have thought that there was life after death? You hear all sorts when you're alive, but it's nothing like you think it'll be. The girls are still gorgeous. They still love me of course! It's like I'm still alive, but without a body and no one can see me. I'm sometimes tempted to spy on people, but apparently its against the rules. I see it as a game really. I wonder how many good looking girls live on the compound?

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