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I had to laugh at the look on their faces as I watched them through the window. Tommy and Jack were trying so hard to look tough but we were just robbing a shop for some fags and booze. It weren’t like we were gonna hurt anyone. Tiff squeezed my hand as the shout from inside signalled our cue. When we rushed to the door, a dark haired boy was holding it open, so we pushed our way past him. I’d been so caught up in the drama I hadn’t noticed him standing there. 

The Deadliners: New Generation

It was time for him to truly die. Danny glanced at the young girl that he’d taken over too early. Her short brown hair seemed to be longer. Not that it was possible. Once you were a deadliner, you stopped aging. A spirit never aged.

‘Danny, I know you feel regret for what happened to me and the others that went over early, but remember that everything happens for a reason. We all die when we’re supposed to. I signed up for this as much as you did.’

He smiled at her but didn’t speak. He didn’t trust himself not to choke.

‘Danny, I’m not sure I’m ready for this,’ Jen said.

The Deadliners

As the motorbike spun, the screeching of metal on concrete seeped into her ears. The brutal abrasive surface ripped at her skin, beating her body with its unrelenting hardness. This wasn’t good. She stopped. Everything stopped. The sound of traffic, people speaking, sirens and crying, attacked her ears. She let it sink into her head. She knew it would be too late for her; she couldn’t feel her body. The numbness crawled over muscles, towards her brain. Her mind was the last thing to die.


  ‘She’s only got one arm,’ the man cried and backed away, bumping fast into the dancing crowd.

  Everything had been going so well. I was lost in the music, swaying and thumping my good hand in the air. The man had looked over at me as I’d glanced up from the floor. He was handsome. As our gazes clashed, a grin spread over his clean shaven face. I let the corners of my lips sink into my cheeks as I circled my hips in a mating dance. He swayed over to me, but as I turned in a circle, his eyes locked onto my shoulder and that’s when he’d started shouting.

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