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The Deadliners

You don’t stop living when you die.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you die?


They're called Deadliners, they're spirits and they play fate with human lives. These 'deadline assignments' have karma which must be cleared by the time they die. What the deadliners don't know is that by helping others they are also clearing karma of their own.


They're a strong family unit who would do anything for one another - until one of them has to take Danny's wife over to the other side. Will they be able to go through with it? The group finds themselves in unfamiliar territory as each one of them faces their toughest lesson since they've died: letting go.



The Deadliners: New Generation

They're Deadliners, they're spirits and they're learning to play fate with human lives. The old group has gone and the new deadliners have arrived. Amy is a detector. Jen is trying to bring the group together to help Amy detect the negative spirits and move them to a safe place. The negative spirits are stronger than they expected and the group faces their toughest lesson since dying: Working together.



The Deadliners: Third Wave

You don't stop living when you die. 

Jen's group are back, still playing fate with human lives, but what about the Deadliners themselves? 

With a negative spirit still building an army against them and their detector apparently moving on, the team race against time to complete their biggest mission yet. Save as many lives as possible from a tsunami. The group are about to face their toughest lesson since dying: Death





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